Quick Lime (Chuna)

Quick lime is manufactured from Rajasthan. Quick Lime is a lime oxide formed by calcining lime stone so that carbon di-oxide is liberated. Quick Lime is also called as lump lime or calcium carbonate. A caustic substance that is prepared by burning calcium carbonate lime stone at approximately 900 degree Celsius; at this high temperatures carbon dioxide is driven off and the lime Stone is converted to quick lime. A chemical compound with formula (CaO) it is a whitish, odorless alkaline substance, that does not dissolve well in water. It can be used as a lining material. Major use is in various Industrial processes like metal smelting, paper bleaching, sulphur neutralization in sugar, steel industries and so many. It is used in many water and waste water treatment operations such as softening. This is accomplished by heating the material to above 825°C, a process called calcination or lime-burning.
NOTE: Khatri’s lime is 99 percent pure compared to other brands available in market.


It is used for white wash of walls as of Industries, factories etc. and it has many other uses also.

Packing: 1 kg, 5 kgs, 20 kgs

Precaution to be taken before & during usage of product
Before using product it is mixed with water 5 hours before application. Take water to mix as per ratio 1: 2 / Lime Stone : water. Then clean water on slimy cloths to remove soil and mix DDL and stainer (colour pigment) for colour, for white shade it can be used directly, as khatri’s lime is whitest white. Apply lime on wall with nylon brush. Strictly use polymer gloves for safety.

Forms: Lumps, powder, and paste form.