Whiting Chalk Powder

Packing: 5 kgs, 20 kgs

Packing: 1 kg, 5 kgs, 20 kgs

Khatri’s whiting is micro fine and smooth in nature, it is also called as chalk powder. Khatri’s Whiting is used for smoothing the wall surface before painting the walls. it is most necessary and commonly used item in the interior painting. The true base for colour and soothing and luxury effect can only get through Khatri whiting. It is applied on walls only after plastering and gypsum and wallputty is applied. It is the final powder coating on walls before painting. Interior primer must be applied on walls before applying whiting paste on walls. Again the primer is applied on whiting before painting the wall.

How to apply:
Clean the surface(walls) by sand paper. Apply interior primer and then mix 1lt of enamel(oil paint) with 20kg of whiting bag. Apply the paste with putty blade on the surface and then again apply one coat primer after it gets dry, later on sand it with sand paper again of higher grit for more finishing, now wall is ready to be painted with your choice of colours.

Categories Fineness comparison Colour comparison
Khatri’s Gold whiting 350 to 400 mesh White, little off white
Khatri’s Wall finish whiting 250 to 300 mesh Off white
Other brands 150 to 200 mesh Yellow

Application and uses

Paints: : It is used in various paints like distemper’s, cement primer, wood primer, texture paint, spray plaster, putties, fillers & undercoats.(Industrial use)
Plastic: It is used as a filler in combination with others to impart strength & smoothness in plastic Industry. (Industrial use)
Rubber: It is used as manufacture any type of rubber like tyre, tube, eraser, Etc.(Industrial use)

Precaution to be taken before & during usage of product
Take a oil paint to Mix a Whiting, then apply to a wall as level before applying clean a wall with 150 range waterproof paper .